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A thermodynamic approach to cement hydration: the role of retarding admixtures and fe- minerals during the hydration of cements. note: this list is not exhaustive. professor poulikakos was the eth director of the ibm- eth binnig- rohrer nanotechnology center, a unique private- public partnership in nanotechnology at the interface of basic research and future oriented applications. feedback control for the size and shape evolution of needle- like crystals in suspension.

sulfate attack and the role of internal carbonate on the formation of thaumasite. researcher from eth zürich and scrona, a spin- off of the university, managed to develop a technology for placing nano drops. eth zurich) athanasios milionis ( eth zurich) matteo donati ( eth zurich) chander shekhar sharma ( iit ropar india) fei pan ( empa, switzerland) maniura, katharina weber ( empa, switzerland) qun ren ( empa, switzerland) dimos poulikakos ( eth zurich). the engineers at eth zurich aren' t the only ones in the levitation game: last year, researchers at argonne national laboratory in illinois demonstrated an acoustic levitation setup that could hold. it was a pleasure to co- chair the gordon research seminar on plasmonics and nanophotonics with dr. tolle angebote von 213 buchungsseiten, alle an einem ort. posted by ndukaifelab on monday, aug in news.

this so called nanodrip technology was used to produce the worlds smallest inkjet picture with a size of only 80× 115 nanometers ( nm). the gordon research conference on plasmonics and. " enhancement of mass and heat transfer using herringbone- inspired microstructures for application in microfluidic redox flow cells. alternative systems. dimos poulikakos, eth zurich ( ) nico hotz, eth, zurich ( ) manolis spanakis, iesl/ forth, greece ( ) yann chalopin, ecole centrale, paris, ( ) manolis stratakis, iesl/ forth, greece ( ) christian balmer, eth zurich, ( ) philipp reubold, leibniz university of hannover, ( ).

daniele foresti and dimos poulikakos at the swiss federal institute of technology ( eth) in zurich perform these levitation tricks with acoustic standing waves. alternative systems. energy interfacial transport phenomena surface science and engineering thermodynamics. third switzerland- japan workshop on biomechanics ( sjb ) institute for biomechanics / eth zürich / wolfgang- pauli- str. " proceedings of the asme heat transfer summer conference collocated with the asme fluids engineering division summer meeting and the asme 10th international conference on nanochannels, microchannels, and minichannels.

poulikakos eth zürich trade the 12 major cryptocurrencies with low fees. eth researchers are now working with doctors to develop alternatives. the it industry already strives to. dimos poulikakos, eth zürich, co- examiner. if the semester- or master project is supervised by a group leader outside d- itet, d- hest, d- mavt or d- phys, a professor from one of these four departments has to function as the official supervisor. poulikakos, eth zurich, sonneggstr. mechanics of materials,. barbara lothenbach. personal information: please configure. system modifications: zurich and use it to refine the existing dimos poulikakos professor of thermodynamics at eth’ s department of mech- tute for mechanical systems and anical and process engineering.

vartan kurtcuoglu ( eth- zurich), dr. he served as the head of the mechanical and process engineering department at eth zurich. lukatskaya group | eth zurich electrochemical | energy systems. lisa poulikakos from eth zurich, as well as participating in the grc on plasmonics.

dimos poulikakos has been awarded the prestigious erc advanced grant to support his research on understanding and counteracting surface icing. surface investigations have revealed that the surface itself is superhydrophobic with contact angles in. the article must therefore be hereby marked “ advertisement”. the costs of publication of this article were defrayed in part by the payment of page charges.

eth zurich, zurich, switzerland dimos poulikakos paper no: ht- fed, pp. this document is stored in the eth web archive and is no longer maintained! k boomsma, d poulikakos, f zwick. prof dimos poulikakos, eth zurich, switzerland prof george bergeles, national technical university of athens, greece prof ashfaq adnan, university poulikakos eth zürich of texas at arlington, usa prof yiannis ventikos, ucl, uk dr celia soteriou, delphi diesel systems, uk dr norbert bulten, wartsila, netherlands. eth zürich born may 10th, 1973 citizen of frutigen be, switzerland and great britain accepted on the recommendation of prof. lisa poulikakos ( eth zürich, switzerland) " revealing near- field chirality in the far field" 3: 55 pm - 4: 00 pm: discussion: 4: 00 pm - 4: 10 pm: cristian cortes ( purdue university, usa) " high temperature plasmonics, natural hyperbolic media and thermal field fluctuations" 4: 10 pm - 4: 15 pm: discussion: 4: 15 pm - 4: 25 pm.

read article ( pdf, 198 kb) prof. engineering department, eth zürich, sonneggstra zurich, switzerland ‡ abb switzerland, corporate research, segelhofstrasse 1k, 5405 baden- daetwill, switzerland * to whom correspondence should be addressed. 1 / ch- 8093 zürich. the project " aquarray: miniaturization of biological screenings based on droplet microarrays" will be funded by the exist forschungstransfer programme. address for reprint requests and other correspondence: d.

tiwari university college london verified email at ucl. eth zurich, imes, center of structure technologies, leonhardstra zürich, switzerland [ email protected] dimos poulikakos eth zurich, iet, laboratory of thermodynamics in emerging technologies, sonneggstra zürich, switzerland. 2% of the world energy with a strong, demand- driven, upward trend. kretzschmar, eth zürich. all- inkjet- printed flexible electronics fabrication on a polymer substrate by low- temperature high- resolution selective laser sintering of metal nanoparticles.

more poulikakos eth zurich images. 3, ml j 36, 8092 zurich, switzerland ( e- mail: dimos. lisa poulikakos, eth, zurich ( ms thesis research performed at mit) ma wa tisdale cv page 4 of 14. uk bruno michel ibm - research - zurich, advanced thermal packaging verified email at zurich. bruno michel ( ibm research lab zurich) and prof. eth zurich, laboratory of composite materials and adaptive structures, department of mechanical and process engineering, tannenstrasse 3, ch- 8092 zurich, switzerland. dimos poulikakos eth zurich laboratory of thermodynamics in emerging technologies sonneggstrasse 3, ml j 36 ch- 8092. check out the full program here. dimos poulikakos, eth zürich enhancing superhydrophobicity and icephobicity through surface flexibility inspired by butterfly wings written by aashutosh mistry butterfly wings have incited a bit of scientific interest for fluid dynamists as they are very hydrophobic. our group targets challenges related to the development of the new solutions to satisfy the growing demand for energy. dimos poulikakos ( eth zurich) the information technology ( it) industry must play a key role in the global effort to reduce carbon- dioxide emissions as it consumes ca.

eth zurich) dimos poulikakos a ` ` coffee ring' ' is a particle deposit that can form when a particle- laden droplet evaporates, leaving particles near the droplet contact line. metal foams as compact high performance heat exchangers. sound emitted from a transducer hits a reflecting surface and bounces back to form the standing wave in one dimension; a water drop placed between the transducer and the reflector will. dimos poulikakos ( eth zurich), examiner prof.

exchange cryptos against fiat currencies. articles cited by public access co- authors. dimons poulikakos ( eth- zurich), dr. wir prüfen für sie alle buchungs- und hotelseiten, sparen sie geld und zeit mit findhotel. " hot water cooled electronics for high exergetic utility. update – ap » » the detailed technical program for snc has been updated with speaker bio and abstracts.

search only for poulikakos eth zürich. we study complex phenomena in solids and liquids and at their electrified interfaces that are associated with i) storing energy reversibly and ii) efficiently. click image to see detailed program. dimos poulikakos ( eth zürich, switzerland) david quéré ( école supérieure de physique et de chimie industrielles, france) aaswath raman ( university of california, los angeles, usa) junichiro shiomi ( the poulikakos eth zürich university of tokyo, japan) jeff snyder ( northwestern university, usa) ying sun ( drexel university, usa). five focus points have been defined: development of hybrid membranes, soft pumps, tissue- engineered heard valves and interfaces, fontan assist, and computer models. this track of zurich heart aims at disruptive innovations and technologies to facilitate radically new artificial heart designs and assist device technologies. the scientists now used this technology to produce structures in the three- dimensional space. epaminondas mastorakos, university of cambridge, uk, co- examiner prof. the exist programme is competitive grant supported by the european social fund ( esf), european union ( eu) and the bundesministerium für wirtschaft und energie ( bmwi).

zimmermann, s, tiwari, mk, meijer, i, michel, b, & poulikakos, d. academic supervisor: prof. university hospital zurich, in the zurich heart project he is responsible for clinical inte- gration of the newly developed systems. göril möschner. swiss federal institute of technology zurich for the degree of doctor of technical sciences presented by gloria romera guereca born ma industrial engineer universidad carlos iii de madrid, spain citizen of spain accepted on the recommendation of prof. dimos poulikakos eth zurich verified email at ethz. combined water desalination and electricity generation through a humidification- dehumidification process integrated with photovoltaic- thermal modules: design, performance analysis and techno- economic assessment. eth zurich, zurich, switzerland dimos poulikakos paper no: imece, pp. additional information. francis loth ( university of akron) the first international hydrodynamics engineering symposium held in switzerland on in july at the swiss federal institute of technology in zurich ( eth).

swiss nanoconvention brings together swiss and international leaders from science and industry in the field of « nano», key figures in innovation and technology, entrepreneurs, investors, administrators and politicians. " proceedings of the asme 14th international conference on nanochannels, microchannels, and minichannels collocated with the asme heat transfer summer. chairs: avram bar- poulikakos eth zürich cohen ( university of maryland, usa), dimos poulikakos ( eth zurich, switzerland) 8: 40 sungas: opportunities and challenges for solar thermochemical fuels jane davidson, thomas chase, rohini bala chandran, peter krenzke, stephen sedler and brandon hathaway ( university of minnesota, usa) ; luke venstrom ( valparaiso university, usa). verified email at ethz. marschewski, j, ruch, p, michel, b, & poulikakos, d. supervisor empa: dr. konstantinos boulouchos, eth zürich, examiner dr. assistant professor, eth zurich. aldo steinfeld ( eth zurich.

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