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For people with even more money to spare, you can spec a taycan. he makes a valid point considering the base e- tron gt kicks off at $ 99, 990 while the rs version starts at an eye- watering $ 139, 990. audi e- tron gt not only shines in bjørn nyland' s range tests, but thanks to outstanding fast- charging characteristics, the car set also a new record in the bjørn nyland' s 1, 000 km challenge. the fully electric driveline of the audi e- tron gt is powered by a battery with 84 kwh of net capacity ( 93.

the audi e- tron gt is an electric sport sedan that is similar in size to the audi a7 and porsche panamera. it radiates sportiness, exclusivity and comfort. whether you choose the e- tron gt quattro or rs e- tron gt, you get the same 93kwh battery, with an 85kwh audi e tron gt drehmoment useable capacity. interior & comfort rating. the audi rs e- tron gt version is for those looking for even more power and performance. it captivates with its breathtaking design, which is sporty and elegant at the same time. the rs model has 637hp which is ludicrous. sure, there are federal tax incentives, but with a couple of options, you' re.

feel free to give us a call today atto learn more about the audi e- tron gt. 5 ft), it measures 4. the audi rs e- tron gt was fast enough to hit 110 mph on a short straight heading toward topanga state park. legendary audi performance is at the heart of the e- audi e tron gt drehmoment tron gt and its rs sibling. announced at audi’ s annual press conference in ingolstadt earlier this year, the audi e- tron gt is a new all- electric four- door coupé destined to hit the market in. in fact, the two slinky four- door gran turismos were developed alongside each other and.

4 ft) in width, and maintains. the standard e- tron gt has 522hp, which is a lot. the e- tron gt is audi' s third attempt at an all- electric vehicle, with the first two being the regular e- tron and e- tron suv. audi officially unveiled the production e- tron gt in thailand on 18 march. audi performance, electrified. if you can find the. that kind of power will be able to take the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 3. combining electric car efficiency with the legendary performance and aesthetics of audi sport, they take their place at the top of our fully- electric line- up. the audi rs e- tron gt is a high- performance electric car based on the same vw platform as the porsche taycan. standard e- tron gt models have a combined 469 hp. this model will produce up to 590 hp out of its dual- motor setup and up to 637 hp when it’ s in boost mode.

audi’ s gorgeous take on the platform is slightly more muted in its flashiness on the. both models feature exhilarating launch control, boosting the power to achieve up to 522 hp on the e- tron gt, and 637 hp on the rs model, putting extraordinary power at your fingertips. loyalists of the marque will certainly agree that the e- tron gt looks very much like an audi, but it also has a sporty flair all its own. 10 the performance. wltp ( real world driving test) sets the audi e- tron gt quattro range at up to 487km and the audi rs e- tron gt range at up to 472km.

7 seconds; the base e- tron gt does that in 3. the e- tron gt will have 522 horsepower and audi claims it will go from zero to 60 mph in 3. the audi e- tron is a fully- electric mid- size luxury crossover suv produced by audi, which was unveiled as a concept car at the frankfurt motor show. i drove audi' s upcoming flagship ev: the rs e- tron gt. find local audi dealers. it let the car jump to triple digits like a rocket. the audi rs e- tron gt combines performance and progressiveness without compromise. although the ev is the same length as the a7, it’ s lower. the audi e- tron gt is the gran turismo of the future.

the car with a 93. the audi e- tron gt starts at $ 99, 900 for the premium plus trim while the range- topping prestige variant costs $ 107, 100. 5 second 0- 60 time. the standard audi e- tron quattro crossover goes from zero to 60 miles per hour in 5. * now with actual english commentary. the rs e- tron gt will hit 60 mph in 2. 4 ft) in length, 1. progress, craftsmanship, and a passion for high performance come together in the audi e- tron gt and its rs counterpart, audi’ s fully electric grand touring models. audi has revealed that e- tron gt buyers will get three years of free dc fast charging ( through vw' s electrify america, of course) like their taycan- owning counterparts.

the rs model on the other hand can crack a 2. the e- tron gt and rs e- tron gt will be available this summer with a $ 99, 900 starting price. he makes a valid point considering the base e- tron gt kicks off at $ 99, 990 while the rs version starts at an eye- watering $ 139, 990. to get started, you can browse our current e- tron inventory here on our website and even complete the buying process online. audi rs e- tron gt: power consumption, combined* : 20. disc- like alloy wheels are more aerodynamic. european model shown. it has a top speed of 155 mph and a range of about 240 miles. audi' s sound system of choice is an available bang & olufsen sound system with 3d sound, standard on the rs e- tron gt.

big brakes lurk back. all remaining models must go. the audi e- tron gt quattro² is a modern- day demonstration of progress. audi e- tron gt spied at porsche' s development center. the sport seats plus, front with integrated head restraints also feature shaped seat side bolsters to provide good lateral support for cornering and sporty driving.

translated to driving range on a single charge, that works out at up to 298 miles for the e- tron gt quattro or 283 miles for the more powerful rs e- tron gt. this is the audi e- tron gt, the sister car to the porsche taycan – based on the same vw group j1 platform and containing much of the same technology – albeit wrapped in an extremely sharp suit. the audi e- tron gt is a bold- looking electric car with deep engineering ties to the porsche taycan. the e- tron name has historically been used by audi to differentiate electrified. 1, on par with the v10 r8. both cars are extremely quick and can do a top speed of over 150 mph. # audietrongt # rsetrongt # pitstop.

ideas start the future. inside, the rising center console lends the same feel as the porsche taycan, but audi keeps many controls in place, shunning the typical ev control tablet interface. 4 ft) in width, and just audi e tron gt drehmoment 1. the audi e- tron gt brings audi' s design and style to a platform shared with the porsche taycan. more audi e tron gt drehmoment images. this is variable based on driving conditions, style, situation and terrain.

it proves how passionate the mobility of the future can be: # futureisanattitude. 4 kwh battery ( the same as in the case of taycan), 21" wheels,. the powerful audi rs e- tron gt comes. specifications may vary. audi e- tron gt range. on this website you will find press material and exclusive information about the audi e- tron gt. if we don' t have your perfect e- tron gt in stock, we can order one for you straight from the factory. from the few details released by audi so far, we know the e- tron gt will come with quattro all- wheel drive, an optional carbon fiber roof. it was a thrilling and sometimes terrifying first experience driving an electric car. get connected to ‪ local dealers today!

characteristic: rs emblems with the red rhombus as a symbol of superb performance. produkte mit echten kundenbewertungen! de – fast alles für fast jeden. exclusive savings on all audi models.

the standard e- tron gt does a 0- 60 sprint in 3. the audi e- tron gt quattro and audi rs e- tron gt are now available to test drive. the e- tron gt is about the same length as an a7, yet sits lower and is wider; with exaggerated fenders wrapped tightly over standard 20- inch wheels. the audi e- tron gt concept prototype was revealed for the first time in november in los angeles.

9 seconds and the rs edition in 3. an electric sports car by audi e tron gt drehmoment audi with plenty of power. interior quality in the e- tron gt is excellent, as you' d expect from audi, and depending on the trim level you choose, there' s the usual array of technology on hand, including a head- up display, keyless entry and go, a suite of modern driver assistance and safety systems and a bang & olufsen sound system. it has an epa range of 204 miles ( 328 km), or 222 miles ( 357 km) in the updated model. 1 seconds and the car should be able to travel up to 232 miles on a single. the base e- tron gt has a 235- hp front motor and a 429- hp rear motor, which combine to make 469 hp and 464 lb- ft of torque in regular operation and 523 hp and 472 lb- ft when using launch control. its drive is powerful and clean.

the audi e- tron gt is an all- electric car produced by the german automobile manufacturer audi. the audi e- tron gt has the dimensions of a classic gran turismo: with a wheelbase of 2. the 637- horsepower rs e- tron gt starts at $ 139, 900. 6 kwh/ 100km ( wltp) co₂ emissions, combined* : 0 g/ km. it is the company' s first electric mass production car, and was first delivered in may. charging in a new dimension. audi e- tron gt, the all- new cousin of the porsche taycan, has achieved strong range results in bjørn nyland' s tests. in this case, it' s a system delivering an output of 710 watts through 16. 3 kwh/ 100km ( nedc) ; 22. audi says that is enough to rocket the car to 60 mph. 4 kwh of gross capacity) as well as two electric motors providing all- wheel drive.

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